Ann Stawski

Writing Fiction.

I wanted to be a writer for as long as I remember. I was always a chatty kid - my pediatrician called me Magpie. My great aunt says when I was seven I'd tell her endless stories when I should have been sleeping. Mom and Dad bought my first typewriter when I was 10 and an awesome electric Smith-Corona when I was 12.  I cranked out manuscripts, using lots of whiteout tape.  After grad school, I let life distract me for a few years (okay 15 actually), before I sat down at the keyboard again and decided I'm doing this. Now I write young adult and contemporary fiction, mostly novels and some short stories. I'm an active member of SCBWI-Carolinas and founding member of the awesome critique group The Write Brainers. I am looking for representation and am submitting.

Publishing Credits:

Short stories:

"A Full Remodel" - published in the anthology Classics Remixed II by Left Hand Publishers. 2019.

A retelling of the Three Little Pigs and the wolf ... on a talk show.

"Bathtub Sleepers" - published in the anthology Terrors Unimagined by Left Hand Publishers. 2018.

When you go a party hosted by someone you don't know, be careful where you fall asleep - you might not wake up.

"The Lightning Chronicles" - featured in the Charlotte Writer's Group anthology, It's About Time. 2017.

Talie woke up popular one morning and didn't know it would take her to another world. 

"The Playground" - featured in the Charlotte Writer's Group anthology, It's About Time. 2017.

A casual afternoon dalliance meets a fateful end.

I'm also award winning as I took First Place at the 2014 UW-Madison Writers' Institute Poem or First Page Contest for the first page from my short story, The International Package.

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